Irene & Nicki Create!  Christmas

  Hi everyone,
            Today we would like to share with you canvases, decorations and wreaths we had made for Irene & Nicki Create! last Christmas. Every year,my sister and I love to decorate the whole house for Christmas and we always make little christmas favours or gifts for our guests which we put on the table. In addition, a christmas centrepiece is a must in our family and a lovely way to decorate the Christmas table. Hope you like it!

                                 A stunning 30x40cm canvas of a deer in the snow  painted with acrylics in earthy colours. Glittering crystals were put at the end of each antler to finish it off!

                                      Christmas decorations placed beautifully by our friend  to showcase the canvas on the fireplace mantle!

                                       A 35x45cm canvas of a snow angel with pink glittery poinsettas and mixed media elements were used to make this lovely canvas!


                                A close up of a 20x20cm canvas of an angel holding a christmas wreath,surrounded by gold and white mixed media elements of paper flowers and a merry christmas banner!

Glitter houses as centrepieces on your coffee table or buffet table are always stunning!

Red,cream and gold glitter house all wrapped up, ready to be given as a gift!

A fantastic way to showcase little putz houses using a decorated painted branch over the fireplace! styled by Nicki Axiotis / Irene & Nicki Create!

A beautiful wreath is a must for Christmas!Over the mantle of your fireplace or on a large mirror gives your Christmas decorating that something extra!

                                                  A stunning pinecone and berry wreath decorated with ribbons and hanging bird!

                                                    A stunning wool and felt wreath decorated with ribbons,glittery branches and a cute wooden deer! Perfect to be given as a gift!

               Thanks for stopping by and we hope you visit us again! Have a nice day!



                         Moonlight Fairy

                                 {Irene & Nicki Create!}

 Hi everyone,
         My daughter was invited to a birthday party and we thought it would be a great idea if Irene & Nicki Create! painted a canvas for the occasion.The birthday girl loves fairies and also her bedroom is painted in lilac so a purple canvas it was with a white moon with touches of lilac,blue and pink!
      With time not on our side we decided a silhouette of a fairy in the moonlight was the best choice.Hope you like it!

                                                                   Glittering crystals for the stars!

                                     Thanks for stopping by and we hope you visit us again! Have a nice day!


                 'Twins Forever' Canvas Art

                                   {Irene & Nicki Create}

 Hi ladies,
           Today I'm excited to share with you a lovely 30x40cm canvas that was painted to be given as a gift to cute twins. As you can see, we went for a light watercolour effect for the background and used mixed media elements on the canvas. I absolutely love how it all turned out! Hope you like it!

                                                                    A close up of the cute twins in a field of flowers!

                                                           Paper flowers and clay butterflies all hand made elements for the canvas!

                                                      Ready to be given as a gift!             

                                                       Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit us again! Have a nice day!


       Thanos National Team Birthday Party

                               {Irene & Nicki Create!}

 Hi everyone,
              My nephew turned 7 this summer and I thought it would be fun  to write about his Greek National Team Party and how this fantastic birthday party came about!My sister, Nicki captured all the details of the party.She started by designing the blue and white invitations ( the colours of the Greek National Team) and made the coordinating decorations around the house.

                                         A close up of the buffet table filled with delicious food all made by my sister and mum.The table turned out fabulous!

                                                                         For the birthday cake, my sister ordered the sweetest soccer shirt from Maria's Cakes and Cookies!

                                                     Here's Thano blowing out his candles with friends cheering him on!

     Party guests were having fun! As you can see, the kids had a geat time! For the decor, blue and white flags and banners were placed throughout the house!

                                                          The party entertainer painting our guests!
                                                           Thano very happy with the end result!

                                                   At the end of the party each guest was given a white favor bag filled with goodies and a thank you card!

                                                               A  40x50cm canvas painted for the occasion!

                                                  Happy Birthday,Thano!


                               Party designs/Styling: Nicki Axiotis, Irene & Nicki Create!
                                            Birthday cake: Maria's Cakes and Cookies


                          To finish off  our sports week here are a few more pictures.

                             A personalized 20x20cm canvas for Spyros.

                                                All wrapped up and ready to go!

                        Another fantastic personalized wreath and matching invitation for a little boy with the colours of his favourite soccer team! Super cute!

                                         Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit us again! Have a nice day!